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Officer and Related Party Disclosure Statement for year ending 31/03/20

The Officer and Related Parties Disclosure Statement for the CWU SA/NT Branch for the year ending 31/03/2020 is available to read here.


Financial Report 2019-20

The Financial Report for the CWU SA/NT Branch for the 2019-20 financial year is available to read here.

Protecting your jobs, your conditions, your EBAs

21 April, 2020


The Morrison Government has made it easier for employers to cut workers’ pay and conditions by allowing employers to give just one day’s notice before opening a vote on changes to your EBAs – bypassing the proper consultation period with you and your Union.

EBAs across our postal and telecommunications industries provide important legal protections foryour jobs, your pay and your hours of work. Any changes made could continue well beyond the crisis period of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no need for any employer to bypass proper negotiation and consultation about your rights at work.


Read your union's position and advice on this matter here.

Keeping you safe, fighting for your job

31 March, 2020


These are uncertain times and hundreds of thousands across our country are avoiding public places in an attempt to flatten the curve - and Australians are relying on the services our members work so hard to provide, more than ever, to keep them connected.
We know postal and telecommunications workers are ready to meet that challenge.  And we know you are relying on us to help you meet that challenge, safely.




ACTU announces Bushfire Fund

24 January, 2020


The ACTU Bushfire Fund has been established to provide short-term financial assistance to union members affected by 2019–20 bushfires. To qualify for assistance, a member needs to show that they have lost income as a result of the fires and have been unable to receive adequate compensation from other sources or have otherwise experienced severe financial hardship as a result of the fires.


To apply for assistance on behalf of a member, affiliated unions are invited to complete this form. The ACTU will only contact members to arrange transfer of funds if the application is successful.


ACTU Bushfire Fund Affiliate Application Form

ACTU Bushfire Fund Terms of Reference

General Meeting of the CWU SA/NT Branch

A General Meeting of the CWU SA/NT Branch will be held at 312 South Road Richmond on Tuesday January 21, 2020, at 7:00PM. More...


False and misleading information about your national office must be addressed

6 June 2019

Our organisation exists to advance the interests of our members. And as a democratic organisation, every four years members vote to decide who will lead their Union for the coming term. The integrity of that democratic process, free from the interference of Officers of Branches in any official capacity, is incredibly important.

However, in the lead up to this year’s election, which only officially opened on Monday, a number of false claims have been made and repeated by a certain group.

Whilst we do not intend to interfere in that process by responding to any personal smears in an official capacity, as Officers of your Union, we are obligated to defend the organisation by responding to false and misleading claims made about the state of your Union, the Agreements that record numbers of members have
supported and voted for, along with your Union’s finances and its ability to fight for your rights at work.

  • Claims that your National Office has recorded deficits of over $1 million are completely false
    In fact, the Union’s auditors are currently finalising this year’s National Office Financial Report which will declare a surplus of around $150,000. This sizable surplus was achieved despite being forced to pay a $190,000 redundancy payment to a Victorian T&S Branch employee after the Branch agreed to the entitlement, and then declared it’s concerning financial situation prevented it from paying.
  • Claims that Officials are taking “FIFO trips” to turn up for work are completely false.
    The practice engaged in by the previous National Officials of flying to and from Melbourne for work, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in airfares, Qantas club memberships and cash travel
    allowances, was put to an end after the outcome of the last election.
  • Claims that your Union did not ‘try for a better deal’ in the Australia Post EBA are completely false
    In fact, each Branch Secretary was represented at negotiations and secured what is still the only exception ever granted to the Federal Government’s Public Sector Bargaining Policy that allowed us to secure the maximum 2% allowable pay rise under the Policy, without needing to provide productivity trade‐offs, an additional 1% bonus payment on top of the wage increase and an agreement that prevents any Australia Post EBA employee impacted by the Reform process from being forced to take a redundancy.
  • Claims that the 2015 Telstra EBA was ‘botched’ are completely false
    A roll‐over Agreement was secured that retained your 80+ week redundancy benefit. This was despite our predecessors allowing a redundancy benefit of only 40 weeks in the Modern Award, without any consultation with members or your State Branch Representatives, prior to the last election.

Honesty, integrity and transparency is paramount to ensuring our Union continues to operate in a manner that reflects the expectations and priorities of you and your families.
We hope the above information alleviates any concerns as a result of false and misleading claims being made by certain persons presumably for their perceived personal benefit.

Yours in Unity,


Greg Rayner Cameron Bird Shane Murphy

Greg Rayner



Cameron Bird

Qld Secretary

Barry McVee

WA Secretary

Shane Murphy

NSW/ACT Secretary &

Divisonal President

Nick Townsend

SA/NT Secretary


Download this statement here.

2019 Officeholder Elections

Nominations for the CWU Branch and National elections open April 1 2019.


The following positions will be available for nomination:

  • Branch Secretary
  • Branch President
  • Assistant Secretary (honorary)
  • Vice-President (Postal Industries) (honorary)
  • Vice-President (Telecommunications and IT Industries) (honorary)
  • Vice-President (Affirmative Action) (honorary)
  • Branch Committee of Management - Postal Industries (4 positions) (honorary)
  • Branch Committee of Management - Telecommunications and IT Industries (2 positions) (honorary)
  • Divisional Conference Delegate - Postal Services Industry (honorary)
  • Divisional Conference Delegate - Telecommunications and IT Industry (honorary)
  • Divisional Executive Member - Postal Services Industry Section (honorary)
  • Divisional Executive Member - Telecommunications and Information Technology Industry Section (honorary)

If you would like further information regarding the election or nomination process or find out how to nominate for any of the positions please contact Murray Hutchison at the Australian Electoral Commission who can be reached at saelections@aec.gov.au.

Change the Rules rally

We'd love to see as many members at the Change the Rules rally on Wednesday April 10th as possible!


Change the Rules rally April 10


For more information visit www.changetherules.org.au


General Meeting of the CWU SA/NT Branch

A General Meeting of the CWU SA/NT Branch will be held at 312 South Road Richmond on Wednesday February 20, 2019, at 7:00PM. More...


Central Branch announcement

yesterday, in a historic joint meeting of the Committees of Management of the NSW/ACT, QLD and SA/NT Branches, the critical first steps were taken to combine our resources and our assets – to merge in to one. More...

Amendment to membership numbers

“The Branch Committee of Management notes the audited total membership figures reported in the 2017 independent membership audits and authorises the Branch Secretary to amend the Committee of Management Operating Reports for the years ended 31 March 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016 to reflect the audited membership figures as follows:


As at 31 Mar





















Further, the Branch Committee of Management authorises the Branch Secretary to lodge with the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) a correcting report to the branch Operating Reports in the form of a declaration for the years ended 31 March 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016.  This correcting report will be published to the website for the information of members.

Concise Financial Report 2017-18

The Concise Financial Report for the CWU SA/NT Branch is now available here.


Concise Financial Report 2016-17

The Concise Financial Report for the CWU SA/NT Branch is now available here.


Income disclosure




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