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About About the CWU What is a union?
    Who does the CWU represent?
    What can the CWU do about my wages?
    What about my conditions?
    What about other issues?
    What about me?
    What other services does the CWU provide?
    Who runs the union?
    Will my boss know I'm a member?
    How much does it cost me?
    How do I join?
  Benefits of membership Legal advice with Slater and Gordon
    The Ambassador Card
    Discount New Cars
    ME Bank
  Officeholders Officeholders
    Branch Committee of Management
  Membership fees Postal rates 1-4-2011
    Telecommunications Lines & General
    Telecommunications Technicians/Operators, Other Employees & Postal Technicians rates 1-4-2011
    Telecommunications Subcontractors Association rates 1-4-2011
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Documents CWU Documents CWU membership application form
    CWU credit card payment form
    CWU direct debit authority form
    CWU salary deduction authority form (Australia Post only)
    CWU email approval form
    Telecommunication Subcontractors' Association membership application form
    CWU Request for Up-skilling Training form
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