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Welcome to the Communications Workers Union SA/NT website.

As we have recently rebranded the union from the Communication, Electrical and Plumbing Union, Communications Division SA/NT Branch, to the new name of the Communication Workers Union SA/NT Branch, or CWU for short, we have also revamped our website.

You can still find all of the information from the previous website here but hopefully it is a little easier to navigate now, with news items grouped by Post, Telco and Union news, as you can see below. We will also try to maintain a list of relevant news articles from various sources that you may be interested in, found under the News heading.

New address details

The CWU SA/NT Branch has moved from our Hurtle Square premises and are now located at 312 South Road, Richmond SA 5033. Our phone number is 08 8443 7389 and our fax number is 08 8152 0568.

Election notice

Notification of the CEPU Communications Division 2015 elections, related information and nomination form can be viewed here.

Post News   Telco news   Union news

Post EBA9 update

Check out the latest EBA9 updates here.

Postal E-Bulletins

Check out our latest Postal E-Bulletins here.


Telecommunications E-Bulletins

Check out the latest Telecommunications E-Bulletins here.


Financial report 2016-17

The Financial Report for the CWU SA/NT Branch is now available here.

Disclosure of salary earners

The top two salary earners for the organisation are documented here.

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